NEWSMy best 5 online marketing tips

Learn how to generate traffic

It is extremely important that you learn how to generate traffic for your website/blog. A blog with corresponding content for your potential customers is worth gold. Thus, it is absolutely important to get traffic / visitors to this blog or your website. Because what is the use of the best and most beautiful blog if no one reads or notes it?

Therefore, it is so extremely important that you learn how to generate traffic.

Don’t give up too early

Online marketing isn’t easy and what works in one business doesn’t have to work in your business or it just takes longer. The other company might have just been lucky and everything went perfectly.

For you, a point is important and you have to internalize it, be patient and not just give up after a brief attempt and try something new.

You will fail with this strategy. Go through your plan and be patient.

Testing, testing, testing

Another important point for your online marketing activities is that you should review and test your promotions/campaigns repeatedly. Never start with only one ad. Always use at least 2 better 3 to 4 ads in parallel. Each of these different ads should be a little different from the others. For example.B, you can test out different images or different headings or ad texts. You can also test a short video compared to an image. In this way, you can determine which variant or variants works better and deactivate the not so well functioning variants gradually. If the ads don’t work as expected, you’ll create new variants and test them. In this way, you will gradually get ads that bring corresponding success.

What applies to the ads applies, of course, to the landing page. Here, too, you can test different variants against each other.

Keep the focus

Basically, keep the focus on your activities. Don’t just jump to the next topic. Pull through a topic and if the work works, then we will implement the next topic as needed. But focus on the topic you’re doing and don’t jump to the next topic right away after a few difficulties, etc.

Put a topic around even if it is associated with difficulties and takes a little longer. That’s the subject you’re choosing, then do it.

An idea is only of some value if you also put it into order.

If you have an idea in mind and you may have put it on paper, then it is only of some value if you also tackle it and implement it. The best idea you have in mind and don’t put into action is worth nothing. So put your idea on paper. Write a few keywords and plan them further and put them into action. Don’t let this idea distract you either. No, just implement it and you will succeed.