Bye Bye Assimilating Networks - Welcome Rolf Stange Consulting

Bye-bye “Assimilating Networks”

What does this change mean for my readers? It’s not a big change for you, no actually it’s just the change of the main domain for this blog. I decided yesterday to link my blog “Assimilating Networks” more closely to my actual domain “rolfstange-consulting.de”. The blog was too far away from my website and this had to be changed.

So what does this change look like, and what does it mean for you?

The blog has now got the main domain “blog.rolfstange-consulting.de”. But it will still be accessible via the two domains “assimilating-networks.com” and “assimilating-networks.de”. Another change will be that I will slowly reduce the term “Assimilating Networks” and gradually stop using it. That’s my plan so far. Everything else will stay the same.

Many greetings


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