Website, Webpage and Homepage

The following terms are repeatedly confused with each other:

  • Website
  • Homepage
  • Home


A website is the entire internet presence of a company, person or other provider to be addressed under an individual web address. This means that all web pages are collectively referred to as a unit. The Term website comprises the words web and site.


Webpages are the individual pages of a website. Each of these pages usually describes a key topic, including the corresponding subtopics of the web presence.

Examples of Web pages:

  • About us
  • Contact
  • Offer
  • Portfolio
  • Site Notice
  • Privacy policy
  • Etc.


A homepage is the first page of a website. It is the entry point to all other webpages of the website. It is often also used to find references / links with a brief excerpt on the other topics of the website.

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