NEWS7 Steps to Your Online Business


Think about why you want to build an online business. Find your personal “why” and write it down to you.

This personal “why” is important so that you can keep reminding yourself what the real reason for realizing your online business is.

Simply saying I want to make more money is not a good “why”. Find the really important reason for your decision. More free time for the family e.B. is a real “why”. Now, don’t just take this “why” out of the newsletter and use it for you. It doesn’t work that easily. Find your own “why” and keep it in mind.

Basic foundation

There are some important things that can be seen as the foundation of an online business. This is a website and corresponding email marketing. I use GetResponse. One thing is extremely important. This is of course corresponding traffic to the website or leads on the email list. If you have already got these things to run, you can add a chatbot to the basic foundation.


Your product or service is the “what”. First, take stock of your products/services and write them down on a list. Think which of the things on your list is suitable for an online business at all and which aren’t. Find out which of your products would be a product to start with. Now start your activities with only this product. If you have this product running, you can make the next product from your list and make it work. Don’t make the mistake of launching all products at the same time. There is a risk that you will get bogged down.


Of course, an online business also includes online marketing and your direct sales via telephone and shop. You can also connect this area well and do so depending on the product. If you sell a high-priced consulting-intensive product via online marketing, always advise your potential customers in a consultation and make your sales agreement there.


If you don’t have a finished product, your online marketing will be happy to start with a minimally viable product and gradually improve that product. In this way, you can determine whether you are on the right track at all. If you’re trying to start with a perfect solution, you don’t know if your product (e.B. an online course) hits your customers’ nerves at all. If you put a lot of energy into this product and the product does not hit the nerve of your customers, you have also thrown away a lot of time and money.

Another area you should continue to optimize is online marketing itself. You turn off ads that don’t work, and you’ll add new ads again. This allows you to optimize your ads within a campaign.


You shouldn’t shy away from doing tasks you can’t do well or that cost too much time and therefore too much money to external ones. This saves your time and allows you to use your freed time for your core business. This brings you more in the result than wanting to take care of everything yourself and having to do it.


You should always build all your online marketing activities so that you can easily scale the tools and solutions. You should also do this if the business starts well. But, for example.B, don’t scale Facebook’s advertising spending faster than 25% every 3 days. That makes your ads work better there.

(Picture: Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels)