5 Basic building blocks of an advertising text


Write all the features of your product on a list and turn each property to an advantage for your customer.


A lawn mower has powered wheels. The benefit to the customer is that the customer does not have to push the lawn mower as hard.


Pain / Gain

Find your customer’s pain or gain and show them where they would like to see themselves.


Do their arms always hurt when they mow the lawn, too?



Tell your customer a story.


I used to have pain in my arms all the time when mowing the lawn. For this reason, I didn’t feel like mowing my lawn anymore, and I started looking for boys in the neighborhood who wanted to earn some extra pocket money. But also these boys told me again and again that my lawn mower would go so heavily and they declined for this reason thankfully. But then I found the following lawn mower and my work with the lawn became a piece of cake. Even the guys from the neighborhood practically ran into me to earn a few extra euros from me.


Call to action

Articulate why your customer should take action.


Order your new lawn mowing experience today. Get your new lawn mower now that will change your life.



Plan your offer with guarantees if necessary.